The image of Madrid : Policy narratives of the urban policies

de la Fuente, Rosa; Velasco-González, María
The present reflection is the result of a partial study about urban policies in Madrid City. Our aim is to try to find some elements which help us to understand key issues in urban policies, which are developed by the city government, in our study case, in Madrid. If we pay attention to our previous explorations, we conclude that urban policy concept is usually constructed from just one of the following perspectives. First, it is usual to reduce urban policy to urban planning, this is the most spread conceptualization in academic approaches, but we considered it should be completed with other political actions related to economical and development issues, welfare and social protection and cultural policies. Secondly, other common approach is the one which consider urban policy as the policy fostered at local level. However, we consider it should be analyzed taking into account that multilevel decision scenarios also affecting and influencing urban policies, and not only staring at policies designed by local government level. Lastly, urban policy used to be considered as the one leaded by institutional actors, while it is recently highlighted how complex relations among actors are being relevant through formal and informal participation of different individual and collective actors (Iglesias et. Alli, 2011). These three perspectives must be integrated into a comprehensive approach. Our goal would be to observe the urban policy of Madrid attempting to overcome the constraints encountered in these points of views.
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Paper/Extenso Congresos GIGAPP
ICPP. International Conference on Public Policy. Grenoble. IPSA-AISP
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